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Inna De Yard - The music has always been this way - It’s a reaction of life! Sunshine and rain!"

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Inna De Yard - The music has always been this way - It’s a reaction of life! Sunshine and rain!"
Inna De Yard
Erik Vandamme

'De UNESCO-organisatie heeft onlangs de beslissing genomen om Reggae als genre toe te voegen aan de lijst van 'The Intangible Cultural Heritage Of Humanity'. Het reggae collectief Inna De Yard - met als frontmannen / zangers Cedric Myton, Kiddus I, Ken Boothe en Winston McAnuff - juicht deze beslissing uiteraard van harte toe, omdat ook zij met Inna De Yard al meer dan 10 jaar staan voor deze speciale Jamaicaanse muzikale cultuur 'in the purest and most intense way, gathering the very best of lendary reggae music from the Bob Marley-era'.
Inna De Yard bestaat anno 2019 uit oude rotten in het vak, zoals oprichter en frontman van The Congos Cedric Myton,  en jong talent boordevol vuur dat klaar staat om te ontploffen. Net die combinatie van jong geweld en ervaring binnen het vak, vormt de rode draad op de nieuwste schijf 'The Soundtrack'.  Naast een recensie van deze plaat, hadden we ook een fijn gesprek met Inna Yard.

For our readers who, in spite of everything, should not have known you. Who is Inna Yard? how did everything start? Tell us more about it
Inna de Yard started because I might refused to sit and wait doing nothing during 5 years. When Makasound start re-released 3 of my albums, I would has nothing to do musically. One of the things I could do within the time, I start working with Camille Bazbaz and we recorded an album in two days. Some acoustic and some vocals with percussions. I send it to my record company of the time and they say if I knew someone in Jamaica to work on it. At that time I knew China Smith. He wanted to work some acoustic things. We called the project Inna de Yard. That’s how the whole thing started. Inna de Yard is a collective project. It’s based around certain frequencies. The Nyabinghi. The roots of reggae music. It’s just some elders and some young artists singing some hopeful songs. Like Ken Boothe, Horace Andy, Kiddus I, Cedric Myton, Var, Kush, Derajah. We just come together and do this for the heritage of all the music. Setting a platform, a template for the future generation.

How did the new album come about, and what are the reactions so far?
Well the new album is the continuation of the Inna de Yard series started by Makasound. We started again with the Philharmonie, but this time without China as he refused to participate . The record company asked me to assist them but also to have some women involved. We asked Marcia Griffith, Judy, Jah9.
We getting beautiful reactions nice, from everywhere

I read that the album was recorded in a special place, tell me more about it
The album was recorded in Stony Hill in the mountains, in the green, outdoors. We trying to capture the original feel of songs. We wanted to capture this natural vibe around it. This place was perfect. It’s aware from the modern crowd.

There is an enormous amount of collaboration with younger and older artists, how did they come about?

We have to pass on things to the younger generation. We have to give experience to youth. Most of the meetings comes naturally. Var is Kush’s friend. Derajah is a bredrin for long time. I know Kiddus I from many many years. n from long time. Cedric is my friend. Horace is the godfather. He’s the man who give us the first international tour in France. Horace Andy is the man who set the foundation.

What about the fact that Chinna was not present? Can u tell more about it?
He wasn’t interested to go further in this Inna de Yard. When the record company contacted him he refused to continue this tradition.

Some of you guys are also doing some other projects? Is this all easy to combine? And how?
The booking agency works to have everyone on the tour. Cedric Myton is a major artist touring worldwide all the time. It’s not always easy to coordinate.
We’re doing it for the music lovers. To create this joy. When the people happy, the government smiles (laughs).

 I find that cross-pollination between young talent and old hand in the profession the biggest plus on this disc. What is your opinion about this?
It’s a hopefull thinking generation. It’s nice to have the young youth working on stage with us, improving them things by association and movements, attitude behaviour.

Reggae is a music style with a message, but also contains a lot of humor. You can also find that on the disc. Has this approach been consciously chosen and which 'message' do you want to spread?

Reggae music always been a music speaking to the people. Where’s there’s drama, you always have comedy. The music has always been this way. It’s a reaction of life! Sunshine and rain! I don’t think it has been consciously chosen, I think it’s something that happens naturally. It’s like the DNA of the whole thing. What we want to spread, most of all, is this happiness. We want to expand the joy, it’s a message of love.

I often hear subtle hints to Bob Marley, but the reggae genre has changed. What do you think is the biggest change compared to the past?
Bob is a man we always listen to. There’s nothing really new, we just expand it. Bob did some nyabinghi chants, like “Rastaman Chant”. We’re expanding that fruit. 

There is a also great connection with France? Tell me more about it
My connection with France go back to the 80’s. I met many people at that time. Longtime before Reggae Sun Ska. Then I started coming back to France in 2003. Patate Records had a show and invited me. I came and met the guys at Makasound. France has been a home for I & I.

Btw. Has the golden age for Jamaican reggae in France come to an end? Has the younger generation, for whom reggae is a part of the scenery, become more interested in their own productions?
More Youth are producing reggae.

More dub, fewer lyrics, less connection to the root?
The youth doing their own productions. It always been like this. There’s nothing wrong in “more dub” and “fewer lyrics”. If there’s fewer lyrics it’s more easy to understand. The words you use needs to be “supercharge” words. It has to be words when your hear them 5 or six words you have to go meditate for a day. Simple basic is the better way.

How is live in Jamaica anno 2019? This days.
Living in Jamaica upon till now is still nice. It’s not as bad as people try to say. We had problems for many years from gun violence to political things. Government who try to manipulate things. It happen all over, in many places across the world.
Population increase and problems with it. You’ve got to be careful as Matthew McAnuff says. But you can’t be to careful!

What are the future plans, next to world domination? 
Are there any plans for a next album already? 
My last question. Are there important announcements to our readers?
We’d like to give thanks for the support over the years. The movie Inna de Yard is coming out this summer in Germany, France, Swizerland and in many other places. Go watch it, it’s our history!

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