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Bjørn Berge - My main ambitions is to have fun, play better, make better albums and make people have a good time. That’s my goal!

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Bjørn Berge - My main ambitions is to have fun, play better, make better albums and make people have a good time. That’s my goal!
Bjørn Berge
Erik Vandamme

Bjørn Berge is een Blues artiest die doorheen de jaren zijn sporen ruimschoots heeft verdiend. Onlangs bracht hij een nieuwe plaat uit 'Who Else?' En dat is ook ons van Musiczine niet ontgaan. Mijn collega schreef er het volgende over: "Agé de 50 balais, Bjørn Berge jouit déjà d'une belle expérience. Ce Norvégien est un spécialiste de la gratte acoustique à douze cordes. Chanteur et guitariste, il se produit le plus souvent en solitaire. Lors des sessions de ce treizième opus, il a reçu le concours d'un backing group impliquant un bassiste et un drummer. En outre, il a opté pour un blues très marqué par le rock amplifié." Lees de volledige recensie via volgende link: http://www.musiczine.net/fr/chroniques/item/74740-who-else.html . Ook ik nam deze schijf onder de loep en schreef daarover: ''De Noorse gitaar virtuoos Bjorn Berge verbindt met zijn derde soloschijf 'Who Else?' verdovende blues met verschroeiende rockmuziek en bewijst waarom hij in die kringen zo hoog aangeschreven staat. Het is niet zozeer één song die eruit spreekt, het totaalplaatje trekt ons over de streep. Het niveau is constant heel hoog, waardoor die haren op je armen steeds omhoog zullen komen." De volledige recensie kunt u hier nog eens nalezen: http://www.musiczine.net/nl/cd-reviews/item/75178-who-else.html . We hadden een fijn gesprek met Bjorn over die plaat en andere plannen.

Bjorn, congratulation with you new album 'Who Else?' How where the reactions till now?

BB: Thank you:) Most people likes it and some prefer me solo.

I liked the perfect mix between Blues and rock. You have some wonderful musicians around you at this album. How and where did you find each other?

BB: The musicans on the album are good and old friends of mine that I have admired for a long time. I just asked them if they wanted to join me on the album. Lucky for me; they did:)

There is also some sadness in the songs to. Not that this bother me. But what is your opinion about it?

BB: I agree. I’ve always had some sad sad songs on my albums. I kinda like that, I generally like sad songs. But I always try to catch all kinds of moods, sad, happy and noncence:)

I have read the record should be on the marketed in 2014. But you got on tour with Vamp. You going to work with Vamp in the near future?

BB: No, I quit my job with Vamp in March this year. I wanted to focus on my own career. I missed playing my own concerts again.

In the new solo album I even here some influxes of Vamp. Am I correct?

BB: Maybe, I think all of us gets inspired by the environment around us, both musically and mentally...

In an interview I also read that you often get your inspiration from Celtic music and Folk music. Tell us more about it.

BB: Have I said that? Hmm, maybe I do that. I have never thought about what inspires me... but I like celtic music though

Is there no fear of rejecting the blues lovers with this?

BB: No, I hope not, because I think that blues contains all kinds of different folk music.

I have read you been successful in France. Any idea why? And how that comes?

BB: Yes and I’m really happy about that. I like France and luckily they like me. I feel that the French audience are very open for new music(weird guitarists) like me and most important; they listen and give the music a chance

Talking about the future. You play in Belgium in September. How things going at the moment? Do you look forward to that tour?

BB: Oh yeah, I’m really looking forward to it!!, It’s been a while since I’ve been there. Belgium has always been good to me. And Hopefully this time to.

Next to that tour, what are the future plans?

BB: I’m writing songs for an acoustic solo album. Hopefully it will be released sometime next year.

You have seen a lot change over the years. What do you think is the biggest change in those more than twenty years?

BB: The album sales has dropped and people are downloading music for free! Great for the listeners, but as good for us.

It is something I ask in almost every interview. What is your personal opinion about social media?

It’s a good thing, you reach out to more people. The downside is that many newspapers don’t write so much about music these days.

And streaming sites like Spotify?

BB: It’s great for the audience to discover both new and old artists...but not as great for us artists, financially.

To end this interview. After more than 20 years on tour. Do you still have new ambitions? Is there any so called end goal?

BB: My main ambitions is to have fun, play better, make better albums and make people have a good time. That’s my goal!

Any important message to our readers?

BB: Go out and support live music!!!

Thanks Bjorn, I hope to see you at N9 in Eeklo - Friday 13 september. - INFO: https://www.n9.be/nl/concerten/concert/bjorn-berge

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  • Date: 2019-08-29
  • Rating: 8
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