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Constraint - We strongly believe that good music will always be recognized and appreciated, today as yesterday!

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Constraint - We strongly believe that good music will always be recognized and appreciated, today as yesterday!

Constraint is een Italiaanse symfonische metalband opgericht in 2011. Hun eerste demo 'Illusion Of A Dream' liet een band horen die binnen dat genre, waar je vaak de bomen door het bos niet meer ziet, toch een diepe indruk na. Dat werd bij hun eerste full album 'Enlightened By Darknes’' in 2016 in de verf gezet.
Nu verscheen een nieuwe schijf: 'Tides Of Entropy', waar instrumentale intensiteit samenvloeien met een vocale inbreng in alle kleuren van de regenboog.
Uiteraard besteden ook wij daar de nodige aandacht aan. De recensie kunt u hier nog eens nalezen. http://www.musiczine.net/nl/cd-reviews/item/78343-tides-of-entropy.html  
Naar aanleiding van deze releases, en ook hoe je als band en mens omgaat met een crisis waarin we nu leven, hadden we een fijn gesprek met zangeres Beatrice.

The band was formed in 2011. How did it all start?
It all started as a cover band. The original formation shared the passion for the same kind of music and so before we knew we started playing our favourite songs together. There were no particular ambitions back then, being that we were also very young.

Your first demo 'Illusion Of A Dream' showed a band that deeply impressed within that genre, where you often no longer see the trees through the forest. How were the general reactions?
Well, thank you! The general reaction was very positive and, to be honest, we didn’t see it coming: as I told we were really young and all we did was just for pure fun. Seeing positive feedbacks motivated us to proceed for a more serious approach to music.

To build on that. Is it still possible as a band to rise above that ground level of symphonic metal bands? As far as I am concerned, you certainly do, but you often no longer see the forest through the trees. Feel free to give your opinion
The reality is that growing in popularity and make yourself a name in music is, today, harder than ever. Of course, a lot of great bands do succeed, yet the offer is so wide that inevitably a lot of good ones can’t make it through, and that is a misfortune. Nonetheless, we strongly believe that good music will always be recognized and appreciated, today as yesterday!

I have reviewed the latest disc '' Tides Of Entropy '. What I especially noticed is that it has become a particularly fairytale but also emotionally charged trip. Was this approach deliberately chosen? What is your opinion on this?
From day one in the writing process we wanted to create something very organic and with a strong running theme going throughout the album. Beatrice designed the concept and the main challenge was to create music that made sense in the context of such lyrics. This translated in having very different sections, not only from song to song but also within each song, going from heavy distorted guitar riffing to delicate mellow parts.

What I find especially impressive about this new album, I quote my own text: " Each time a sound wall of violin, guitar and even piano is erected that feels like a satisfying whirlwind that rushes through your soul at a tempo that is amplified, every time Beratrice's unctuous and varied voice takes you away to other places. " What is your opinion on this?
We appreciated a lot that description, and we think it describes really well what we ultimately aimed for! We put a lot of attention to the overall sound we wanted to convey: a lot of bands choose to strive for that huge sound in their productions and that’s absolutely fine but a lot of time that hinders instruments’ dynamics that results just flat, without peculiarities. We tried to take the best of both worlds producing an album that exhibited that sweet “sound wall” as well as displayed all the tiny details that ultimately gives something peculiar to the album itself.

What are the general reactions to the new record?
Honestly they are very good, and we are so thankful for that! We took a big leap in the void with this album because it is very different from our first one, both for the major line up we faced, both for the natural growing of the musicians remained in the band through this years. We are really happy to see prog as well as symphonic metal fans enjoying our music!

I suppose many of your plans have fallen into the water because of this corona crisis. Which?
In Italy the crisis hit the hardest exactly when we released our album, so that was an unfortunate coincidence. We were scheduling our live concerts to support Tides of Entropy but, of course, none of those happened. Everything got postponed in the near future. Aside from that, as we were discussing before, a lot of people listened to the album and reached out to us anyway, so we have to be thankful to the digital era for that! 

Italy has been particularly hard hit by this corona crisis. Hopefully you and your family are okay? How do you deal with this as a human being in these difficult times?
Luckily we and our loved ones are all okay. These have for sure been difficult times, both because we weren’t allowed to see anyone and because we were forced home. Of course this was made for a good reason, but the whole situation had no precedent before so we were all being taken unprepared. Things are getting better day by day now, we’re trying to look at it from a positive perspective!

And as a musician / band?
As a band the worst thing was that we couldn’t see each other in person but we managed to use digital platforms such as Skype and Discord. We started composing songs for the next album and luckily we are able to do that without meeting in person exchanging ideas digitally and creating upon those.

Doesn't such a crisis open doors to give a concert via livestream or something? How do you feel about that? Are there any plans in that direction?
We are actually doing some Instagram Q&As every now and then, but no livestream concerts for now.

What are the plans for the future once the crisis is 'over'?
As we were discussing before we are going to start touring for the promotion of Tides of Entropy. We are going to make some gigs in Italy but we are planning about touring also out of our country.

Is there also such a thing as an end goal, something that you as an artist and band absolutely want to achieve?
Our end goal, if it can be called as such, would be to play all over the world and get in contact with more people, expanding our fanbase and really keep doing it for as much as we can! We simply love creating music and we hope to make it accessible to more and more people.

Now that there are no concerts, the possibility to purchase merchandise and the like has also disappeared. How can readers possibly do this? Feel free to provide some links
Of course playing live is a great way to make people interested in buying our products, nonetheless we sell all our merchandise, included our latest release, through our BigCartel at the following link:

Thanks for this nice conversation, there are still comments to our readers feel free to put them below
You are welcome! Thanks for hosting us and stay safe!

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