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The Otherness - Rock music is about freedom of expression for both the artists and fans and what goes on between the interaction of ideas, sounds and feelings

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The Otherness - Rock music is about freedom of expression for both the artists and fans and what goes on between the interaction of ideas, sounds and feelings

The Otherness is een vrij jonge Argentijnse band die aanstekelijke rockmuziek brengt waarop stilzitten onmogelijk is. De band timmert eigenlijk al sinds 2009 aan de weg. De band begint sinds enkele jaren ook voet aan de grond te krijgen in Europa, met ook respons vanuit gerenommeerde media als NME en BBC 6. The Otherness ging op tournee door Europa, de UK en bracht in 2019 twee singles uit “Gotta Go” en “Few To Stew” die twee kanten laten zien van hoe deze band in elkaar steekt. Ondertussen heeft de band niet stil gezeten. Ook recent kwam een nieuwe single op de markt “No Tokens”. “Lekker rockend, maar ook die emotionele impact die we merkten bij vorige songs, overeind laten staan is de rode draad. Ook nu weer is het opmerkelijk hoe deze band er perfect in slaagt om de brug te slaan  tussen de Westerse cultuur en de typisch Latijns-Amerikaanse” schreven we daarover. De band stond ons te woord, via e-mail, om ons te vertellen over het ontstaan van de band, de definitie van rock muziek, en hoe je omgaat met gelijk welke crisis. Ook werden de verdere toekomstplannen uit de doeken gedaan.

The Otherness is a fairly young Argentinian band that brings infectious rock music that makes sitting still impossible. The band has actually been on the road since 2009. How did the band start?
Well, we weren't on the road at all when we first started. It just happened that we began to write original songs since the early beginnings of the band, when we were almost kids and we were desperate to play the stuff live. There's no so-called "clubs' circuit" in Argentina... Eventually, Pablo joined The Otherness around 2010 and we had the chance to play for the first time in Asunción, Paraguay. The funny thing about it all is that we were born in La Patagonia, the deep south of the world -all of us- but we met in Buenos Aires and found ourselves touring for the first time in the UK  because of a cool review a young journalist from Seaford called Rob Sayce penned for Subba-Cultcha (London). We sent him a few demos and they considered it was good enough material to write about and introduce the band to underground promoters and grassroots venues.

How can we best describe music from The Otherness?
Right after seeing the band performing live. It's hard to put music into words, isn't it? Generally speaking it can be described as uplifting, diverse, melodic and intense. Raw energy plus diligence behind the songwriting -in order to reach out to that feeling that reflects something interesting is going on between the blend of lyrics we sing and the kind of music and arrangements we deliver in the spirit of the songs.

The band has also started to gain a foothold in Europe for a few years, with response from renowned media such as NME and BBC 6. Has this also opened more doors?
Yeah, in a way it did help us to break into new grounds. We were championed by John Robb, Chris Hawkins and Steve Lamacq since our first indie releases. That's something unusual for foreign bands and some people in the music biz truly appreciate it. Of course, we appreciate it too because it's something that is merely the outcome of the music we make. No PR firms, no labels pushing for it, nothing... just a genuine appreciation of the songs.

You regularly release singles, the last one was “No Token”. Why not a full album or EP?
We just felt it's a sign of the times: short attention span plus tons of new artists releasing music daily because of tech evolution and easier access to recording tools... Who do you think you are as an artist to think and pretend that any kid anywhere will give you 2 hours of their precious time to just listen to your unknown double-album music through an ads free Spotify binge while friends from school and the streets are playing Fortnite on-line? The answer is we are currently working on a 4 songs EP to release through Motor Music Entertainment to introduce our music in the EU and also our debut album. The recording sessions for the album will start in January 2021.

I listened to that song to write a review about it, some things struck me. It is remarkable how this band succeeds perfectly in bridging the gap between Western culture and the typically Latin American. A fairytale marriage actually between both extremes. What is your opinion about this? And was this a conscious choice?
In all honesty, we think music has nothing to do with nationality in the first place. There are some music genres more or less popular here and there and good-average-awful tunes. It is not a conscious choice to do what we do in regards to that. However, we had to deal with shitty prejudices over here. Luckily, all we stand for is quite obvious if you look carefully into the meaning of the band´s name. We are one of those bands that don't tell or suggest people what to think, we don't preach like rock and roll-hip hop demagogues that in the end are mainly looking for the IG dollar. Rock music is about freedom of expression for both the artists and fans and what goes on between the interaction of ideas, sounds and feelings.

"No Token" also conveys, subtly at least, a message of hope in these dark times. At least the song gives you a melancholic feeling inside, but you also radiate happiness. what is your opinion on this statement?
It's accurate. Just like Cohen's quote: "There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in". Hopefulness makes sense as long as you acknowledge the lows in life, be it injustice leading to conflicts, corruption in the high spheres of power, the lack of education, greed as the main factor that creates poverty among the majorities or a bloody pandemic like corona virus... This message of hope just provides us with a sense of humanity to face reality.

Are there any new releases planned? Singles?
Yeah, we are mixing a new song called "Give It Some Room". It is going to be out soon as part of an EP entitled "A Glimpse Into The Otherness".

When can we expect a full album or something like that?
We are confident that the debut album will be published in April 2021. We've already demoed all of the songs plus a couple of new singles that are really exciting.

I suppose many plans have fallen into disuse because of this corona crisis. Which?
We had to cancel the UK tour. We were booked to play several cities in April and now, we are expecting to be able to play the EU leg of the tour in October. Fingers crossed... We've gigs in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands on the way.

How do you deal with such a crisis as a band, musician (but also as a person)?
As a band we focused in the songwriting and recording demos. In the middle of this crisis we also signed our first record deal to Motor Music Entertainment from Berlin -which was unexpected and ignited our working ethos to new levels. We are constantly in touch with each other because we are really close friends.. Above it all we are like a band of brothers. It's easier that way but we still go through highs and lows, anxiety disorders and sleep deprivation, ha ha ha!!!

How is it in your country in these corona times actually? South America has been hit particularly hard
It is not as bad as it was in some European countries or USA... The death toll is one of the lowest in the world. Anyways, the worst thing here in Argentina is the lack of capacity and hard work the government shows when it comes to entail the proper actors to create protocols for entrepeneurs and working class people and gradually get back to a certain kind of normality. We've undergone one of the longest lockdowns in the world, more than 150 days and counting... It was a clever move in the beginning of it all but now we are suffering the consequences of passivity.

What are the further plans? And what are the actual ambitions of the band?
Our main goal now is to be able to play live music soon on tour and also track a really good album. The actual ambitions of the band are more or less the same as always, play fine tunes and reach out to wider audiences.

Is there any kind of end goal to build on that? Something you absolutely want to achieve as a band and musician?
If there's something out there than can be regarded as the absolute achievement that would be creating an inspiring legacy throughout our songs in the same way lots of artists inspired us to become musicians and writers in our own peculiar way. Passion, honesty and tunes that hit hard in the core of the people.

How do you feel about streaming live concerts? Is that a solution for the future? Now live concerts are canceled
It's not something that we'd prefer. It does not feel like a solution... it's just a fucking palliative. Live music is lively, isn't it? It's about the human experience and the physical and spiritual connection that proximity implies.

To wrap up, feel free to provide some links where one can purchase the band's online merchanidiser.
Feel free to discover The Otherness on the following links
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5TBYqdpnL8B5fMfVyOTBUs?si=ml02myXaTMmMJVj-Jjk49A
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_otherness/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLclsHSJI03-zi7nTVHXbLsukLidjJwFwS
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OthernessRock
Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_otherness

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