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Sammy Brue - I'm looking to search the world on a bus all while playing sold out concerts the whole way

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Sammy Brue - I'm looking to search the world on a bus all while playing sold out concerts the whole way

Sammy Brue is een folky singer-songwriter die zijn songs op een gevoelige wijze brengt, en je onderdompelt in een sfeer van rond het kampvuur. Dat zette hij met eerdere werkjes voldoende in de verf, met naast de EP zijn sprankelend debuut ‘'I Am Nice ‘ in 2017 uitgebracht. Nu is er een nieuwe plaat op de markt ‘Crash Test Kid’, waarbij je de neiging voelt opkomen de gitaar bij de hand te nemen, een kampvuurtje te laten branden en songs samen lekker mee te brullen tot de zon ondergaat. Reden genoeg om Sammy enkele vragen te stellen omtrent zijn nieuwste release , hoe je omgaat met deze crisis waarin we leven en de toekomstplannen.

Sammy, your music is described as folk music. I'm not thinking in boxes, but how would you describe your music yourself?
I like to say at the root of my music, it really is folk music. I'm just trying to put myself in my songs and let the fans do the rest.

A statement I saw passing by ''Sammy Brue is an old musical soul with the perspective of youth ... an explosive combination '' … What do you think about this?

I think that's a beautiful thing to say about someone… Explosieve…

In 2017 you released your debut EP 'I Am Nice'. How were the reactions? Has that release opened certain doors?
Well for starters I went on my first official tour with a hero of mine, Justin Townes Earle, and it was during a weird time in my life but i felt alive and found what I want to do. Just his love alone has opened so many doors.

I really enjoyed your last release 'Crash test Kid'.  It is striking that you bring the songs in a sensitive way, but you also immerse me in folk atmospheres that you can find around the campfire of life. What is your opinion about this?
I'm glad you said that. I love adding instruments to my recordings but at the end of the day, these songs were written with just a guitar and a man and were meant to be played like that too.

My final conclusion was: "especially an artist who embraces his past, cherishes the present and sees the future with a certain charisma in voice and appearance"; what is your opinion about this statement? and do you consciously choose?
I appreciate that so much. That's what I’m learning every day, Its hard right now but I'm working to wake up every day excited and enjoy what I do every day. so thank you.

ow were the general reactions on your latest disc?
I've noticed people are liking the transition of vibes with the albums. Always looking for a sound.

I suppose that many activities have fallen into the water due to this corona crisis, which ones?
I guess the biggest one is just tours and shows that would’ve happened. Sad days…

How do you deal with such a crisis as a musician but also as a person?
I've been getting into filmography and just learning new things to further my songs.

Have plans been canceled? which?
Touring, it’s my biggest heartbreak

What are the further plans after this crisis?
Who knows when this crisis is going to end, but I'm planning on just continuing to grab opportunities that come my way and keep evolving and writing. Thinking about making another EP.

Nowadays you see the occasional videos appear where bands perform 'live' for their facebook fans. How do you feel about that?
It's definitely not like the real thing but you gotta do what you gotta do to keep getting your name out there and present

And opposite live streaming concerts? Will this become the new normal?
I don’t believe so and definitely don’t want to believe so. There's nothing like that real human interaction.

A question that I elaborate on, what is your opinion about streaming via spotify or bandcamp? which of the two do you prefer? Why?
I don’t prefer one really, but I have Spotify because that's what my family has.

What are your actual ambitions as a musician?
I've been trying to get better at home recording and actual jamming with other musicians, and last but not least been trying to make my performances top notch with my newest band line up.

My last question. To go deeper into that. Is there also some kind of end goal? Something you absolutely want to achieve as a musician in life?
I'm looking to search the world on a bus all while playing sold out concerts the whole way. Meeting beautiful people in beautiful places. 

Thank you for this nice conversation, hopefully we will see you live, also in our country Belgium
Thank you for your support and your interest in me. I hope I get to meet you soon backstage somewhere. :)  - Sammy

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  • Band Name: Sammy Brue
  • Date: 2020-09-10 22:00:00
  • Rating: 8
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