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Even voorstellen - Gab De La Vega - I still believe

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Even voorstellen - Gab De La Vega - I still believe

An Italian punk rocker accidently wrote a hymn which cannot be any more fitting into today’s time.
Singer-Songwriter Gab De La Vega wrote „I Still Believe” as a song about hope, about faith in the future, the need to keep making the world a bit better day by day and the trust in the power of the young to rise to the occasion when it comes to do the right thing.
Neither the Italian singer nor Bradley James Allen, international filmmaker in the punk scene and beyond, could know how accurate and important the message of hope and doing the right thing to withhold a bright future will become in 2020.
The video was shot in 2019, when Gab De La Vega recorded and prepared release for his latest album “Beyond Space And Time”. The decision on filming it in his hometown Brescia, Italy originated in the idea to write an open letter and deliver it to the people of Brescia. The message was clear: “It’s up to us to do what is right and it’s up to who will follow to carry the torch”, as the artist himself states.
Brescia was one of the most effected cities during the beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic. Releasing the track is far away from a marketing move, but the song, it’s video and it’s strong message to hold onto hope becomes a memorial. It becomes a song of esperance for the people of Brescia and for the rest of the world.
Gab De La Vega looks into a bright future: Full of hope he is holding on to the message of his own lyrics. His recent album reflects his wide range of artistical skill: From full-band folk songs to powerful acoustic ballads like the album closure “I Still Believe”.

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