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Even voorstellen - Blokowisko - album ‘Plonie’

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Even voorstellen - Blokowisko - album ‘Plonie’
The Blokowisko duo is co-created by Maciej Jurga and Cezary Zieliński - both known from their activities in Opus Elefantum and projects such as Vysoké Čelo or spopielony. The band's sound comes from the post-punk movements of the 80s and their music contains many elements of different music genres such as coldwave, dub, post-industrial, post-rock or even synthpop.

Maciej and Cezary debuted in September 2018 with their first EP called Blokowisko. So far, they have played over a dozen concerts in Poland, supporting such bands as Belgrado, Paradox Obscur, The Guests and Kollaps. In 2020, the new chapter in band’s history begins, due to their upcoming debut album called Płonie (In Flames), which is scheduled to be released on November 26th by Requiem Records. 

Płonie could be called a concept album. The starting point for this concept is a multi-level journey of a lyrical ego, wandering somewhere through time, confronting its present with the past, as well as with a series of disordered memories and past feelings. It is also a journey through the contemporary fears: powerlessness, sadness, feeling of being lost in the abyss of great metropolises and a sense of insignificance against hypermodern cities, world or passing time. This emotional psychomachia of the past and the present is built into the narration of a journey (walking around aimlessly) through the streets-corridors of the city; a journey that leads to places that are completely real and common, but usually blank to us. All that are the titled “flames” that trigger emotions of the lyrical ego - destructive like a candle flame for a moth and slowly digesting him from the inside. The fire itself appears in the outro of the album, evoking a real fire of a apartment house in the neighbourhood of the band members' apartment at the time. It closes the whole narration, in which our past remains only a smoke from our memories, which can have its physical emanation in the form of smoke after the fire of the apartment we once abandoned. The fire that puts us to a second and final death by digesting our last blackened photographs and names written on a piece of paper, as in the beliefs of ancient Egypt.

The musical content of the journey is a mosaic of inspirations, where the sounds of dub music blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of progressive post-punk branches and krautrock trance rhythm, the sound of guitars inspired by the Polish New Wave (Maanam, early Lady Pank) and famous 80s’ drum machines. All connected by ambient-drone bridges, making everything consistent and an integrated whole. This has resulted in music that escapes simple rock patterns, fits into the definition of post-rock and, at the same time, creates matching lyrical content and homogeneous mood of melancholy and sadness, suspended in a timeless space of tangled memories.

Powoli - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yilqk5pSvkg

Powoli (Slowly) 3:41
Zgiełk (Tumult) (feat. julek ploski*) 3:31
Syzyf (Sisyphus)**  5:39
Ćma (Moth) 7:23
Ulica (Street) 16:19
Płonie (In Flames) 3:52

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