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Even voorstellen - oplen - new album 26 th March

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Even voorstellen - oplen - new album 26 th March

oplen (Sweden - Dark Ambient/IDM/Post Rock) will release its new album “O-P-L-E-N"on March 26th
It will be available on Cassette & Digital (co-release between both labels Ohm2recordings and Luftrum (airspace in Swedish) is a new Stockholm-based label/collective for electronic, experimental, electroacoustic and exploratory music).

oplen is an electronic music project by Henrik Sunbring, also a member of the post-kraut duo Domus.

The cassette/digital release O-P-L-E-N (limited edition) is a mixtape of oplen's songs O, P, L, E, N, composed during 2020. This release also features a long ambient track called 0d13n as B-side.

Watch the hypnotic Video for the track "N" directed by Gustaf Järver:

The sound of oplen arises from a combination of analog synthesized rhythms, field recordings, p(r)ocessed guitars and moog melodies. This forms a unique mix of dark ambient, IDM, postrock and experimental 70's psychedelic music.

Bandcamp (Cassette preorder available): https://oplen.bandcamp.com/releases
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oplenmusic

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