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Even voorstellen - TVURU - debut album out now

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Even voorstellen - TVURU - debut album out now

“In Norwegian folk culture one finds a particularly interesting contrast. Next to depictions of harsh and brutal everyday life, a fantasy image appears. An image of wealth, happiness and well being, away from earthly bounds and into the eternal. A contrast which embraces the macabre as average, and where irony and naivety triumphs over their counterparts.”

Tvuru embodies the moods and characters of these oppositions.

Spearheaded by guitarist Andreas Andersen since 2016, the trio has played numerous venues and festivals. Combining through-composed material, short tunes, open improvisation and use of traditional material the trio presents a fresh take on the Nordic jazz sound. Their self-titled debut is a culmination of several years of touring, and showcases a band with fresh ideas and impulses.

TVURU - debut album out now on FIG TREE MUSIC 23. APRIL

Andreas Andersen - guitar (Majorstuen ØrkenbluesEnsemble, Paper Dog)
Henrik Sandstad Dalen – bass (Sex Magick Wizards, Little Balcony)
Ola Øverby – drums (Fieh, Damata)

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