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Odd Dimension - In the worst times even wars there’s always been music! The market will change, for sure, but the passion for metal will survive!

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Odd Dimension - In the worst times even wars there’s always been music! The market will change, for sure, but the passion for metal will survive!

We quote: 'Their recent work dates back to 2013, with Odd Dimension making its mark on the international progressive metal scene. The band's creative approach rejects any application to ideological or metaphysical implications, relying both music and attitude on a continuous process of collective confrontation, pluralistic vision and individual improvement'.
The new opus 'The Blue Dawn', marks their sound language. Their attitude is now more mature and expressive, due to the new members and the presence of relevant international guests. Even conceptually, the Italian band has gone through an evolution, from the early philosophical-humanistic subjects to a more practical, concrete orientation, conceiving music as a remedy for their fears and a catalyst of desires. Heart and brains, passion and rationality... Progressive metal! on the occasion of this release, we had a nice conversation with bass player Gigi Andreone. of course, we also talked about the pandemic we are living in now, how to really deal with it and the band's further future plans.

Odd Dimension came into being, I think, in 2001, which is already 20 years ago. What have been the highs and lows until now?
2001 was the time we meet the first members of the band, the guitar player Gianmaria Saddi and the former drummer Federico Pennazzato. We were very young guys, passionate with all kind of metal and hard rock. Back then everyone in Italy was in love with rock music. Almost every guy played an instrument. They were for sure nice years, from then meetings happened. There were of course highs and lows. The highs were those moments we spent composing together. A great moment was in 2008 when we released our first EP.   Another highlight was the release of our first full album in 2010. ‘Symmetrical’. It was mixed at Thin Ice Studios in London (home of Karl Groom, Threshold’s guitarist) and this was a very nice moment. Another highlight was the tour we could do in 2012, we had the chance to play in Europe supporting Rhapsody of Fire and we played with some great bands and did some nice festivals. The next release ‘The last Embrace to Humanity’ in 2013 was another great moment. We had some tours after the second album but then the band stopped for a while after two members (Federico Pennazzato, drums and Manuel Candiotto, Vocals) left the band to dedicate to their personal life projects. Those times between 2014 and 2016 was sure a low for the band, because it wasn’t easy to find the right people to restart the band. In the last three years we refounded the band with some new members (Marco Lazzarini, Drums and Jan Manenti, Vocals), and here we are now with  a new album that is sure a high for us. The album was ready before the pandemic but then we waited for the publication as many other bands did.  Another low is of course this pandemic we’re living in, so we can’t fully promote this album, as for everyone and every musician.

Any plans doing something around that 20th anniversary?
Yes, maybe because we are still good friends with the past band members, so yes maybe we’ll do something to celebrate this anniversary. Now it’s difficult also because of this pandemic but we’re thinking about it.

Your debut came out in 2008, ‘The blue dawn' is only your third album, the previous one was 'The Last Embrace To Humanity' in 2013. Why did it take so long between the second and third album?
We have to manage our private life and the reviewed line up of the band, that’s why it took so long before the release of this new album. And also, the album was ready in 2019 and should have been released in 2020, so we lost a complete year because of the pandemic.

The new album is a concept album and tells a story about Markus and Eloise who want to protect the earth from all the misery we cause to the environment from space. How did that idea come about?
It’s indeed a story of space travelers. They have to move from their original planet  because they have to go to space to look for another place to survive because all the raw materials necessary to bring on their life. Travelling through space, they found a sort of paradise, The Blue Planet, another place to live. They had to struggle to survive on this new planet.
The inside of the story is also that we must take care of our planet and also of the environment, because we over consume the planet right now. Maybe someday we also must travel space and find another planet to live on. And to bring on our civilization.

This pandemic proves that our planet is in danger, do you agree?
Exactly, I can say the lyrics where written before the pandemic. But the pandemic demonstrates exactly what this album is all about. Environment is in danger, and the nature is fighting us back to survive, for sure.

I think it's a very cinematic record, are there any plans to do something in that direction for films or something like that?
There are sure pictures in our mind, because when we write the songs, we also imagined the landscapes in which the story took place. So yes, maybe one day we would like to represent our music with a movie, it’s sure something we would like to do. We also have some plans to put visuals on stage when we play our music, that’s also in our mind.

What also strikes me is the balance between, how shall I put it, a certain light-hearted approach and an eye for experimentation. Your opinion on this?
The past album was a darker record. With this new record we wanted to deliver a positive message. It’s also concerned to our nature in Italy, a passion for melody. I like that you felt that, because we really wanted to make this mix between melodic approach and a more experimental approach.

How did keyboardist Derek Sherinian [former Dream Theater] ended up in the title track?
(haha) it’s funny because this question is coming back in every interview. It’s very simple, I wrote him, I sent him the song and he was absolute positive about it. He is a wonderful keyboard player, but he also has a great taste that goes beyond keyboard playing. We told him that we would be pleased if he would put his touch on this song, maybe just a solo. He wrote us back that he liked a lot our song, and he ended up playing on the whole song. It is a very kind person, it was very nice working with him.

It’s makeable I found out in interviews to, those big Artists we see as Gods sometimes are just human like me and you who want to play music
When playing in bigger situations, I always met kind persons. For instance, with my other band ‘A perfect Day’ we had the chance to play in Rome in 2016 at Sonisphere Festival opening for bands like Iron Maiden, Saxon, Anthrax. I remember being in heaven that day but also very nervous. I remember we crossed our way that day with ‘metal gods’ like Biff of Saxon or Adrian from Iron Maiden, they were absolutely very kind to us. For what I’ve seen, especially in our kind of music, the higher you go you often find really nice persons, and that’s great.

Indeed. Another guest on the album is Labyrinth singer Roberto Tiranti in the song `Flags of Victory’. What was the idea of this collaboration?
Roberto Tiranti is another longtime friend of us. We know him since the year 2000, when it all started. We have friends in common and crossed each other on stage sometimes. He is not the only one there are some others to.  The concept album has various characters and we immediately thought it would be an honor to have Roberto as a guest on a song. He accepted and it was great! He delivered as usual a great performance

The new record also announces a new era for the band. Was it time for a change and also to set the bar higher with this album?
Can you tell us more about that?
Yes, it was like we needed doing this, coming back and delivering good music. A New line up, new energy. It was sure a new start and hope we can continue this way. We also try doing our best to put everyone’s view into our music. Because each of us is having a different background and we try to use this to give a personal touch to our music.

At the other hand it’s a little bit sad that you make a new album right in this pandemic. Why not wait some longer?
We just had this music ready and we just wanted to release it. It’s really challenging but we had to face this challenge and continue. Now we just can’t wait to play it live and work on the next album!

How is the situation in Italy at the moment when it comes to live shows? Are there any plans made to promote the new album live or online by live streaming?
Live streaming is not going so well in Italy. Personally, we love to play live, it helps the connection with people. Actually, we have a show scheduled for June 27ht. We’ll have the great part of the guests on stage, that’s a good way to restart play our music for a crowd!

We are not so happy with concerts in streaming, but we don’t exclude it to promote our music…But we can wait to go back on the road where we can play for people, look into their faces and feel the applause and all these things, you’ll never have this feeling with live streaming.

I see a lot of live streaming these days. Even though I'd 100 times rather go to a real concert, the threshold for 'discovering something new' is much smaller. How do you feel about the phenomenon of live streaming?
It’s surely an opportunity, it’s also useful to promote our music in that way. Maybe in autumn of something we’ll do some live streaming. But I use to say the crowd is the sixth men on stage, we just need them!

How do you guys survive this time of corona as band, musician and human being?
I play music since, I think, 1996. It’s a long story to be told but never faced a situation like this… Things are going to be completely changed in Italy but also in Europe after this pandemic. But there is still a big passion to play music, and I think that’s why we will survive this pandemic and come back stronger. Some will fail, but I’m sure music will continue. In the worst times even wars there’s always been music! The market will change, for sure, but the passion for metal will survive!

Are there any future plans to promote this album?
We’ll keep on releasing some materials on the web, we’re planning a new video before the end of summer and we hope to schedule some touring when this terrible situation will end.

My final question is, after all these years, are there any goals or ambitions? Anything you still want to do?
When I write the lyrics of an album, I think it’s important to leave a message. A message for the future generations. My goal is making the band live for the next 20 years, see it grow and when I’m tired of working leave it to the younger generation. We have two generations of musicians in our band. There is a 10 years difference in our birthdates between me and the younger guys in the band. So, we try to keep the band alive, and hope we get respected for what the band standing for.

Do you have a final message to our readers?
As we tried to communicate through the lyrics contained in The Blue Dawn, we want to say respect the environment, love our planet, because we have only one planet. Maybe someday we’ll can, but at the moment it is not possible for us to travel through space to find another planet to live on!

That’s a good statement to end this interview. Thanks, and hope to see you guys soon on stage in real in Belgium

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