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Ronni Le Tekro - My ambition with my various projects is to constantly go into new musical landscapes and at the same time keep my musical integrity Aanbevolen

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Ronni Le Tekro - My ambition with my various projects is to constantly go into new musical landscapes and at the same time keep my musical integrity
Ronni le Tekro
Erik Vandamme

Ledfoot & Ronni Le Tekro - Singer-songwriter Ledfoot is an American guitarist who moved to Norway around 2000. He was at the heart of The Rockats & The Havalinas. Ledfoot recently released a beautiful record, 'White Crow', about which we wrote: "Ledfoot is an artist, singer-songwriter and top musician who has made his mark on the rock scene throughout the years. He delivers adrenaline rush and goosebumps that make our rock heart beat faster" . He always invents himself, as he proves with his collaboration with Ronni Le Tekro (a Norwegian melodic rock guitarist, known from TNT, Jorn Lande, Terje Rypdal and Mads Eriksen). The gentlemen worked together for the first time in 2009 on Ledfoot's aka Tim Scott McConnell's album 'Damned' in Ronni's studio. It clicked between these two master guitarists, a friendship was born and musical studio and live collaborations followed, but there was no real duo album yet. That time has now come. In October the duo released an album from 'A Death Divine'.
You can read the review of this release 
A Death Divine (musiczine.net)
About this release we  had a pleasant conversation with Ronni Le Tekro. And went a little deeper into his immense career. Despite those many years in the music world, the man is still full of plans, as it turns out. Happy reading.

Ronni, you have been in the music world for many years. How did it all start?
I started playing guitar at the age of 10,formed my first band ROQUEFIRE in 1977  and established TNT in 1982.Since then i have released 13 studio albums with TNT,4 Live albums with TNT and 7 solo albums plus participated on countless productions

Who were your initial influences?
My initial influences was The Beatles as well as underground progrock and power pop. Such as City Boy, Be Bop de Luxe, Steve  Hillage etc.

What is the biggest change for you, besides digitalization ?
The biggest change is the actual Hard rock Scene, that has become even bigger

What does the Norwegian folk and Blues scene look like?
Norwegian Folk and blues Scene I`m not that familiar with except LEDFOOT ,but I know there`s a   lot of good stuff out there, especially in folk music

The reason for this interview is your collaboration with Ledfood, you've already worked together in 2009; how did that collaboration start?
I met Ledfoot for the first time when he came to our studio (www.studiostudio.no) to record his solo album with British producer John Fryer. Since then we worked closely on other artists` productions as well as participating on each other’s respective albums.

You also work together again for 'A Death Divine'. How did it go this time?
A DEATH DIVINE was a true journey through the musical possibilities you can create as a duo. It was a great studio session

I was especially impressed by the folk and blues atmosphere and the cross-pollination between the two of you. You find each other blindly. Would you like your opinion on this proposition?
Thank you for the kind words, and I think your theory is right. We blend sounds ,expressions and sensitivity into a unique blend of guitars that let the compositions breathe, It`s almost clairvoyant. We read each other’s minds.

I loved the way you guys go wild and wild on the one hand, but on the other hand you hit the sensitive chord. What were the general reactions to this release?
The general reactions have been very good. It’s certainly a different album that craves the listeners attention

In addition to this cooperation, you also have a solo career and are involved in many other projects. One of them is TNT, with which you will be releasing a new record in 2018? Can we expect something new from this corner?
Regarding TNT we`re on `hold`right now due to corona but will tour again next fall and in 2022

What were the reactions to ''XIII'' anyway?
XIII ‘got OK reactions although we hoped for better feedback. I think there are some brilliant songs on that album and we worked a lot with it.

Is there still time for a solo release?
I`m currently working on a solo album due for release in 2021.Very excited about that. It’s my main project right now.

Like many musicians, you, too, have suffered from the corona crisis. How did you survive this period as a musician but also as a human being?
During the corona crisis I have survived producing music and touring small venues  as well as help from friends and families.

Many bands and musicians show themselves through streaming channels, as live concerts are difficult. How do you feel about this solution?
I feel that streaming concerts is nothing for me right now. It just feels weird and adds to the loneliness

How do you personally think that culture and music will survive this crisis?
I think the culture and music business will be fine when the disease is gone. It will bloom

After all these years, do you still have ambitions or goals you want to achieve? In other words, what they have the general plans for the future
My ambition with my various projects is to constantly go into new musical landscapes and at the same time keep my musical integrity. It would be nice to play Madison Square Garden one more time though. I will keep touring and creating as long as I can.

Let's keep it here, hopefully we'll see each other again 'on stage ' soon.
Thank you for the interview and showing interest in our music

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