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Even voorstellen - Giorgos Tabakis - New release ‘hEre nOw theN’

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Even voorstellen - Giorgos Tabakis - New release ‘hEre nOw theN’
New release ‘hEre nOw theN’ for solo 8 string guitar

The new work of the guitarist / composer  Giorgos Tabakis entitled hEre nOw theN (upcoming cd – Efkrassis Productions 2021) for solo 8 string guitar comes as a continuation of his collaboration with the German clarinetist Rebecca Trescher and the cd Dual Nature (2020) which was internationally distinguished, gathering excellent reviews from Europe and US.

In hEre nOw theN Giorgos Tabakis captures his personal view of the modern guitar, presenting a set of compositions and improvisations that focus on the broader modern music approach, assimilating elements and trends of modern classical, modern jazz, avant garde, progressive music, with the Greek sound being often present both melodic and rhythmically giving a result that is fresh and distinctive.

The use of material of tropical (modal), modern tonal and atonic music, natural sound effects, expressive and percussive media, places hEre nOw theN in the direction of a personal and free sound expression.

Through the special instrument GT 8 string MOOV guitar – made by George Behlivanoglou – reveals an artistic world rich in guitar ideas and techniques that offer comfort and space to the music and soundscapes that are created.

hEre nOw theN is a single work with different parts, highlighting the need for a source and unfettered expression of deeper ideas, experiences, concerns and questions of the composer in an unprecedented reality.

"My interest while i was composing and recording this cd, was to perceive the 8 string guitar as a "larger" instrument (like a piano, a string quartet etc), something like an "orchestral guitar".
This "view" gave me the freedom to experiment with several approaches in order to produce something that is kind of "more than a guitar" as far as the spectrum of frequencies, sound, parallel voices, music concept, music ideas, new techniques.
I always wanted to express a personally united contemporary music universe, somewhere between contemporary classical/modern lazz/progressive/folk oriented music and 'hEre nOw theN' features these elements".

Giorgos Tabakis


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