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Even voorstellen - Hands In Motion - Dawn

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Even voorstellen - Hands In Motion - Dawn

Zephyrus Records
Release date: 21 januari 2022

'Dawn' is the debut album of Hands In Motion. Percussion virtuosos Simon Leleux (Fabrizio Cassol / I Silenti, Refugees for Refugees), Robbe Kieckens (Lamekan Ensemble, Myrddin De Cauter), Falk Schrauwen (Compro Oro, Echoes of Zoo) put forward melodic, groovy and organic trance induced music you've never heard before. All guided by a common passion for the rhythms of traditional music. They nevertheless each received very different musical training. Always keeping percussion the central element, the performances of this trio are based on qualities of improvisation which makes each of their songs a unique mix of passion, sensitivity and warmth. Far from its accompanying role, percussion instruments - played as solo instruments - thus here shine in their full light. Creating contemporary and innovative music without neglecting the cultural background of each of the traditional instruments they are using.

Darbuka, gongs, berimbaus, kalimbas, pandeiro, riqq, doholla, bendirs, udu,… These are just some of the instruments that make up the sound universe of Hands in Motion. From Senegal to Eastern Europe, from Brazil to India, from the classical conservatory to nomadic people and nourished by all their influences they juggle with the codes of tradition to create a new space of expression, resolutely current and innovative. Minimalist sound layers, captivating grooves, acoustic trance, their music is organic, contrasting, deep and subtle at the same time. They alternately create melodies and textures that might as well make you think of Philip Glass, Mammal Hands or Why the Eye?. The atmospheres they create invite movement and sharing.

Simon Leleux is a Belgium-based percussionist specializing in doholla, darbuka and other Arab and Middle Eastern percussion instruments and styles. Having trained with masters such as Ahmet Misirli, Zohar Fresco, Pedram Khavarzamini, Madjid Khaladj, Niti Ranjan Biswas and Azzedine Jazouli, Simon has focused on studying the doholla (bass darbuka) since 2014 with the musician who broke new ground with this instrument, Levent Yildirim. Following Yildirim’s philosophy, Simon’s work with doholla has lead him to a soloistic and melodic approach to the instrument. He released his first solo album (‘Letter to Levent’) in 2021 and is a founding member of two other projects, Hands in Motion and Auster Loo. Simon has also had the privilege of sharing the stage with many other celebrated artists including Fabrizio Cassol, Kudsi Erguner, Ross Daly, Ibrahim Maalouf, Khaled Alhafez, Tcha Limberger, Claron McFadden, Ugur Önür and Ghalia Benali.
Trained in the rhythms of Ottoman classical music (usul) with Fahrettin Yarkin, Robbe Kieckens has also studied various instruments and cultures that that define his style of playing, from flamenco to Arabic and Persian percussion, including West African music. He masters a very wide range of instruments including frame drums, cajon, congas, tombak, darbuka, udu, riq, calabash, djembe and dunums. Robbe is a founding member of the Lamekan Ensemble and has performed with Compro Oro and Myrdinn De Cauter. He teaches bendir, riqq and darbuka in Brussels and Ghent.
Falk Schrauwen is a young Brussels percussionist. This urban melting pot proved to provide a solid foundation for his understanding of diverse musical traditions. During his studies at CODARTS Rotterdam, Falk fell under the spell of Latin percussion. In Brazil, Benin and Indonesia he was able to deepen and refine his understanding of different styles. As a multi-percussionist, it is his goal to give a specific color to the music. Falk played in projects as diverse as Trance Plantations, Vansina Quintet, Echoes of Zoo and Compro Oro.
21th Jan 2022 - Muziekpublique, Brussels (BE)
22nd Jan 2022 - Petit Théâtre de la Grande Vie, Forzee (BE)
23rd Jan 2022 - CC Brugge, Brugge (BE)
26th Jan 2022 - Propulse (showcase), Bruxelles (BE)
27th Feb 2022 - Muziekclub 't Ey, Belsele (BE)
21th May 2022 - L'An Vert, Liège (BE)

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