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Serpent Omega - About live streaming shows: I´m not against it at all we are discussing some kind of outside forest gig that we might end up live streaming while we are at it

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Serpent Omega - About live streaming shows: I´m not against it at all we are discussing some kind of outside forest gig that we might end up live streaming while we are at it

Serpent Omega is een Doom/sludge band uit Zweden die sinds 2011 de bossen in Stockholm en omgeving onveilig maakt. Er zitten namelijk veel rituelen verborgen in de muziek van de band; iedereen die houdt van een beetje Folklore binnen die muziekstijlen, zou moeten over de streep getrokken worden. Dat was al het geval bij hun debuut ‘Serpent Omga’ in 2013, ook op hun opvolger die nu in september op de markt komt, ‘II’ , is het de rode draad .
We hadden een gesprek met gitarist Johnson en uiteraard ook over hoe hij en de band omgaan met deze bijzondere tijden waarin we leven.

For those who don't know the band, who are Serpent Omega? How did everything start and does the name have a certain meaning?
Jonsson: We are a band from Stockholm, Sweden but originally 3 out of 4 members are from Uppsala. It started out with me and Brief and a drummer named Clarence who was my girlfriend’s brother, we got it touch with old friend Urskogr and then we changed drummer to Brief’s brother in law Sakke instead and recorded the debut album “Serpent Omega” and released it in 2013. The name is a Ragnarök reference and Ouroboros reference as well. We thought it kind of described the genre too.

I don't like to pigeonhole - don’t know the right term in English -  bands, but when it comes to radio or concert promoters it is interesting to know How would you describe your music style yourself?
Jonsson: Pigeon what? Haha… well yes, speaking of genres I think it’s mainly a mixture of Black, Death, Stoner, Sludge, Doom- Metal. Somebody said NWOBHM too. We are accepted to playlists under all those genres too so it makes us a bit special I would say.

The first and self-titled album was sold out in a few months back in 2013. How where the reactions of media and fans?
Jonsson: The reactions was great really, that album had a great timing. And it opened a lot of doors for us.

What bands would you say influence the Serpent Omega sound?
Jonsson: Black Sabbath, Sleep, Kyuss, High on Fire, Dissection, At the gates, Dismember, Entombed, Abuse, Tragedy to name a few. A lot has changed in the meantime.

A lot has changed in the meantime. What has been the biggest change for you personally since the early years?
Jonsson: Not much except I am a father now but I wouldn’t say that made me less productive since it made me more value and more carefully manage time.

4 September there going to be the next album ‘II’ what are the expectations of this album?
Jonsson: The expectations are high because our label has done a great job of hyping the release but I am at most carefully positive. For many years since the last album I wasn’t even sure there would be an “II”. The album has been followed by bad luck.

I have to admit I haven't listened to the new record yet. Get me to do it? Why should I buy this disc?
Jonsson: I think it is worth the value of about 4 beers. It will last much longer at least! And it’s a great looking piece of art made by vocalist Urskogr. Sounds good too.

The death/doom single “Land of Darkness” is the second single out and is a showcase for vocalist Urskogr’s rasped and guttural delivery, filthier than ever but tempered by clean passages, adding elements of both strength and vulnerability which only deepen the overall sense of a looming end.
Is there something like a reason why?
Jonsson: Land of Darkness kind of wrote itself in one rehearsal. It is straightforward and uncomplicated. But yet it doesn’t only showcase Urskogr but the whole band. It kind of sums up what “II” is about.


Serpent Omega recently got a new drummer, Peter Stjärnvind, a.k.a Fast Feet Pete, who we know from Entombed, how did that collaboration come about?
Jonsson: Yeah and Nifelheim and many more. He is a great drummer with a brutal yet dynamic and tasteful playing style. So actually he is a perfect fit for us, but the main reason is that he is married to Urskogr.

I suppose your plans have also been rejected? Although the lockdown in Sweden was much less strict. Nowadays bands present their new record via live streaming, because of the lack of real concerts, how do you feel about that?
Jonsson: Well it didn’t hurt us so much until basically now. We said a long time ago we wont play live again until the album is out. So right now we had to cancel our release party gig and also a great festival (Macken) we were booked for was cancelled. Live streaming is not something. I personally would be interested in looking at but I know that many are. I´m not against it at all we are discussing some kind of outside forest gig that we might end up live streaming while we are at it.

How do you think the cultural sector will survive this crisis?
Jonsson: Underground promotors didn’t survive before the crisis even so luckily that will still be the same after, but the semi big and big fish will probably have a hard time yes, I think some law changes are coming soon though at least in Sweden.

What are the further plans after this crisis? Is there also something like an end goal, what is the ultimate ambition of this band?
Jonsson: I have to say, there is nothing here right now that makes it a crisis. Sweden is different I know. There a lot of bigger crisis in the world and if you are not 80 plus you don’t have to worry so much about this one. BUT if you are risk group that really sucks for you so be very careful. We don’t have an ultimate ambition but we would like to play some more gigs because we miss it a lot. Make a third album in less than 7 years this time! Haha

Are there any important announcements to our readers? do not hesitate to tell us.
Jonsson: Yes we have many important announcements on Myspace. We are trying to build up our Facebook and Instagram too so help us with that please.
https://serpentomega.com/  (website)
https://www.facebook.com/serpentomega/ (facebook)

Photo homepage @ Jonas Husbom
Thanks for this nice interview, hope to see you guys soon on stage in, or near, Belgium

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